The Scanfrost Microwave Oven with Grill-23 Ltrs is a versatile and efficient small kitchen appliance. This oven has been designed to deliver an outstanding performance. It has enough power that will ensure your food cooks quickly and evenly. Heat will be well distributed in this oven with grill. It is eco-friendly and does not cause hazard to the environment. It has different power levels that will handle a variety of food and at different cooking cycle. There is a digital display on this oven that makes it easy to control all the settings. The Scanfrost Microwave Oven with Grill-23 Ltrs has a grill function that delivers 1000 watts of power. When this oven is on grill mode, the food is exposed to high heat from below or above so that it can be cooked faster. This mode is suitable especially if you are cooking meat, fish and more. It also has an auto defrost feature that helps thaw and warm up your frozen stored up in the freezer. There is a glass turntable that ensures heat in uniformly distributed to your food. If you have a busy work schedule, this oven will allow you to cook and store up food in your refrigerator. You will still be able to enjoy hot meals even with your busy schedule.

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