Scanfrost 50 Liters Inox Finish Bar Fridge SFR50

₦ 69400 ₦ 84400
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The Scanfrost Inox Finish Bar Fridge SFR50, This product with a temperature control function. It also comes with an extra detachable basket compartment to store vegetables, fruits and other food stuff. Scanfrost products are known to be tested and trusted. they are also known to bring nothing but convenience just like the Scanfrost Inox Finish Bar Fridge SFR50 . This bar fridge comes with an extreme cooling function, it has a reversible door that that swing open and close. Scanfrost Inox Finish Bar Fridge SFR50 has a 50 liter capacity. This product is very portable and stylish. This means it does not take a lot of space it also does not take the style from the décor. It fits in totally with the arrangement. The Inox design is used to beautify the freezer and compliment the décor of its environment. it also comes with a body surface that is anti rust.

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