Hisense Side By Side Refrigerator +(Ice & Dispenser ) - 535 Liters | REF 70 WS comes awesome appealing features, that makes this product worth every damn spent on it. both for home or outdoor purposes such as restaurants, bars, hotels, and more.

This side by side Hisense refrigerator has an indoor Ice and Water Dispenser feature that enables you to collect both cubed ice and crushed ice along with chilled water.

Also, a Non-Plumbed Water Tank, which provides us with cool water on tap, at the same time ensuring that the fridge is quick and easy to install with no need for plumbing.

Touch Electronic Control, which enables you to take complete control of your refrigerator with clear, and simple to use LED touch control panel. This feature helps you control the temperature of the fridge.

Hisense REF 70 WS, Features Wine Rack, a dedicated and stylish space for your wine and other bottled drinks which free up space and prevent bottles rolling.

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