Hisense 154L No Frost Top Mount Double Door Refrigerator - REF-200DR

₦ 266010 ₦ 286560
7% Off

  • 154L
  • Frost
  • Low Noise
  • Environment-Friendly Tech
  • Silver
  • 1-year warranty
  • fast cooling
  • strong fridge



Wondering what is so special about this Hisense Double Door Refrigerator - REF 200 DR, 154L? Well don't think too far, read carefully and see why Hisense Double Door Refrigerator - REF 200DR should be among your top consideration for your home.


This double door refrigerator offers a large space for food item storage. REF 200 DR comes with a storage capacity of 154Liters which can contain considerable large-sized food items and beverages. 


Hisense Double Door Refrigerator - REF 200 DR was coated with zinc to protect it from rusting, this Freezer is also designed with a low noise operation which maintains the silence in the area it is kept.

It has got a direct cooling function that ensures that food items such as fruits, vegetables, meat, as well as beverages, and other food items have a direct impact on the cooling energy of the freezer, no matter where they have been stored thereby keeping them cool and fresh. It is a fast-cooling refrigerator and also helps to sustain the freshness of items even after power failure for up to 3 days.

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