Polystar Built-In Dual Oven -PVCM-273A

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Polystar Built-In Dual Oven -PVCM-273A is ideal for all kitchen sizes and can be used in baking all kinds of meals . The Built in Oven fits perfectly into any type of kitchen cabinet. This Dual oven has energy-saving features that help you save money. It also offers reliable heating and takes up minimal cooking space. This Appliance has a oven gas down burner and an electric grill. The Polystar Built-In Dual Oven comes with an automatic cut-off timer that allows you set the time on whatever you put into the oven. Say goodbye to burnt chickens and pies. The electric oven features a stylish exterior and stainless steel body which is easy to clean. The oven door is made of see through glass and stainless steel. It is perfect as an extra heat source for holiday cooking and entertaining, or simply for keeping food warm at a buffet station too.

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