Scanfrost Stand Mixer - FP9051ZO-GS/SFKM9051D

₦ 109250 ₦ 110500
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This dishwasher-safe mixer comes with a huge 1000ml ( 1 Liter) capacity jug. Its has 4 Jars -1L Blender, Juicer, Mill and Chutney Jar.Scanfrost Stand Mixer Set FP9051ZO-GS/SFKM9051D can be used to make smoothies with its pad controls and its programming.With 4 speed level controls, various recipes can be enjoyed with the help of this mixer. The non stick ring allows the mixer to be stable while in use.This Scanfrost Stand Mixer Set FP9051ZO-GS/SFKM9051D is not complicated; it is very user friendly and easy to use. It works from the press of one button.

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