LG SPL 1.0 HP GENCOOL Split Air Conditioner with model LG SPL 1.0 HP GENCOOL. This air conditioner was built to take humidity away from the environment. LG products are known to be tested and trusted, just like the LG SPL 1.0 HP GENCOOL Split Air Conditioner. LG’s low voltage operation design is specifically designed for the Nigerian power situation. With voltages as low as 170V, one can enjoy the superb cooling performance of this split unit even in poor power conditions. This AC is made of 100% Copper. What this means is that if you own one of these, you’re owning an easily maintained AC built to last with reliable strength and good heat transfer. The panels installed are easy to remove therefore making it easy to clean. Thanks to this, maintenance is made easy. .0 Horse Power (HP) LVS HVS R410 GAS CAN WORK ON 1.5 KVA GEN COPPER CONDENSER 10 YEARS WARRANTY ON COMPRESSOR

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