LG Chest Freezer FRZ 315 280 litres

₦ 289225 ₦ 296500
2% Off

LED Lighting Non breakable handle Stabilizer free Direct cooling 280 Litres


With the LG 280 Litre FREEZER 315, you can now enjoy LG’s multi airflow system that ensures even cooling throughout the refrigerator using the multi flow air vents located all over the refrigerator. This helps in keeping the food fresh and healthy. Do you love a refrigerator with warm and alluring Interior Lighting? The LG 350 Litre FREEZER FRZ 35k interior lighting provides greater visibility. Freezer dome light distributes light evenly in the freezer compartment. The triple ice tray ensures cubed ice is readily available and conveniently stored. The doors on the refrigerator can easily be reversed to suit the design of your kitchen LG 280 Litre FREEZER 315.

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