The Scanfrost 1HP Air conditioner with Black Mirror Finish SFACSMM is a one horsepower cooling unit. It is highly efficient and durable. The air conditioner has a low voltage operation ability, allowing it function at an optimum level without much power consumption. This Split Air conditioner is suitable for use in the home, hotel rooms, offices, shops and restaurants. The premium curved design of this split AC makes it blend seamlessly into any room or decor style. The Scanfrost 1HP Air conditioner with Black Mirror Finish SFACS09INM has a turbo cool mode which allows it to cool your space at an optimum level. The air conditioner has a highly efficient copper coil condenser which makes it last longer. The Scanfrost air conditioner is perfect for hot weathers and will live your space feeling cool. The air conditioner has 3 years warranty, two years on the body and an additional one year on the compressor. Scanfront air conditioners offer your top quality and durable products at a pocket-friendly price. With the Scanfrost Air Conditioner cool pleasant air is just a switch away all you need is to turn on the Ac and within minutes you can feel the cold air around you.

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