Polystar 20'' Industrial Wall Fan - PV-20WF

₦ 37950 ₦ 47200
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Enjoy cool air in your home or office with Polystar 20 Inch Industrial Wall Fan PV 20WF. Polystar Fans are ideal for homes, offices and larger spaces with high volume. They are high class, high efficiency fans with unique designs for elegance and durability. Polystar 20? Industrial Wall Fan PV 20WF comes with high efficiency aluminium blades, multiple speed mode and sturdy design with swivel height adjustment. The industrial fan delivers strong air and includes a long life motor and heavy duty cross base. The Industrial Fan when compared to the regular standing fan supplies a higher volume of air and consumes more energy. The Polystar Industrial fan ensures a healthy environment by removing pollutants. In addition, they help to decrease the humidity and heat levels in the environment as a result they are recommended in areas where a lot of people congregate. Brand: Polystar Model: PV 20WF 20? Industrial Wall Fan Copper Coil Colour: Black Long Life Motor High Efficiency Aluminium Blades

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