Maxi 60 X 90 (4+2) Inox 4 Gas Burners And Electric

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Maxi 4+2 Gas Cooker – Plus Inox is an easy to use 60 cm by 90 cm cooker with 6 burners. This cooker features a high quality gas hub, up and down oven burner and oven light feature. Cooking is easy and fun with this incredible appliance, it stands out from its kind with its numerous incredible features. The four gas burner and two electric hot plate cooker enables you cook many meals at once. The Maxi 6 Burner cooker is designed with stainless steel and aluminium, which is one of the finest materials used in making cooking appliances. The unique finishing of this 6 burner gas cookers helps protect your cooker against rust and extend its functional life. Dimension: 60 cm * 90 cm 4 Gas Burners and 2 Electrical Hot Plate, Colour: Inox Materials: Glass and Stainless Ignition Button Mechanic Timer Grill Roasting Glass Lid Gas Thermostat for oven Oven Burner Up and Down (2 knob control) Turnspit and Horizontal Fan

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