Scanfrost 6.8Kg Twin Tub Washing Machine SFWMTTD

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Scanfrost Twin Tub Washing Machine SFWMTTD gives the best washing features that give a great washing experience. This product helps save time and energy, it is an essential product in the home to achieve productivity during chores. The semi automatic function of Scanfrost Twin Tub Washing Machine SFWMTTD makes it, even more, user friendly and easy to understand. It has a separate wash and spin tubs. Scanfrost Twin Tub Washing Machine SFWMTTD is very efficient with its 12kg capacity washing as many clothes as possible at once. It has non detachable covers to protect the clothes during washing. the spin tub allows the clothes to spin until they seem to be almost dry which saves a lot of time giving you enough time to get other things done. This scanfrost washing machine has a timer that allows you to keep track of the washing as a chore The control buttons are easy to operate and helps to set the machine at a wash rate depending on the material of the cloth that is being washed. Scanfrost Twin Tub Washing Machine SFWMTTD takes care of all needs as regards washing. the drain pump in this product is inbuilt, therefore one can be sure that there will be no problem with that. It makes doing laundry a pleasure rather than an ordinary chore 6.8kg Twin Tub with Plastic Body Toughened Glass Connected Cover Hi Water Level:56L Low Water Level: 40L Rated Wash Power: 38W Rated Spin Power: 150W Highly Efficient Copper Coil Motor Deep Clean For Laundry with Every Wash

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