The Polystar Showcase Fridge PV-SC391L is durable and reliable. The single door showcase refrigerator is 100% HFC and FCKW free and highly energy-efficient too. It is just perfect for your home. The Polystar Single Door Showcase Fridge features an adjustable thermostat and mechanical temperature control. This makes it possible to regulate its operation. A manual defrost and cooling function to ensure you get the best from chilling your drinks. It also comes with 4 steps and a display light. The Single door upright design allows for easy access to the contents. The Polystar Showcase Fridge Showcase Refrigerator – 50FC is specially engineered to give you the best service in a commercial environment. This bottle cooler adopts the latest technology allowing work a great efficiency while using environmentally friendly refrigerants. The Polystar Showcase Fridge has a bigger size and is suitable for use in Bars and restaurants. The Showcase Fridge with its 4 storage steps beautifully displays the item stored in it and ensures they are kept cool.

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