LG Xboom AUD 98CL 3500W DJ Sharing Karaoke Star

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LG HIFI Speaker System AUD 98CL with model AUD 98CL. Its bass blast resonates powerfully throughout a room or environment. With the Auto DJ feature, songs can be listened to without a break in transmission. This product has been designed to give the user quality entertainment. The Auto Equalizer of the LG HIFI System enables the user to choose how they want the sound to be produced according to the genre. This DVD player will set you in a party mood anytime. The professional sound system with Remote Control is great for the home, entertainment centres or for outdoor gatherings. This Hifi System prides itself as an amazing sound system with a speaker that covers a wide range. Some of its features are DJ effect karaoke function, FM radio function and TV and DVD Line in. It also comes with a full function remote control and a USB port for your media inputs. 3500W XBOOM DJ Sharing Karaoke Star DJ Loop USB AUX multi colour Lighting 2 Speakers Woofer Dual USB

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