The bathroom is arguably one of the most important rooms for hygiene in the house, so keeping it clean is important to the health and wellbeing of you and your family. From our diverse range of products, you can use Harpic Bathroom Cleaner for your bathroom tiles, floors or sink so they gleam and shine all day long.




Harpic Bathroom Cleaner is a strong bathroom disinfectant and cleaning liquid that helps remove the toughest of stains. It gives you unbeatable cleaning on greasy soil and particulate matter and freshens the whole bathroom. It has a thick liquid formula with powerful cleaning agents that lift and remove tough stains from almost all bathroom surfaces and kills germs to give you a disinfected and germ-safe bathroom.


Our products are designed with ease in mind so you can get into those hard-to-reach places easily. Plus, we use a powerful formula that can kill up to 99.9% of germs and eliminate odours for that super-fresh feeling.




Harpic Bathroom Cleaner can be used as a tile cleaner, basin cleaner or even for floor cleaning in the bathroom area. It also gives your bathroom a pleasant fresh fragrance. It is safe to be used on most bathroom surfaces including Tiles, Taps, Tubs & Shower panels, Ceramic surfaces, Stainless steel and Granite Surfaces. Do not use it on Aluminium, Brass and Copper. Always spot check on a small, hidden area before using.




For Regular Cleaning of Bathroom Floor and Tiles:


Use 1.5 capfuls in half bucket of water (4 litres).

Then scrub gently and rinse.

For Tough Stains and Sink:


Use Harpic Bathroom Cleaner undiluted to clean for best results.

Then scrub gently and rinse.

For Disinfection of Bathroom Floor, Tiles and Sink:


Use undiluted for best results or dilute using 1.5 capfuls in half bucket of water (4 litres).

Apply on surface, leave for 5 minutes then scrub gently and rinse.

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